STAY HUNGRY STAY FOOLISH – Guide for Young Entrepreneurs

Do you want to be an Entrepreneur? But surrounded by “confusion and negative thoughts”, then without hesitation buy this inspiring book “STAY HUNGRY STAY FOOLISH” by an iconic promising lady Rashmi Bansal. This is the story of 25 IIM Ahmedabad Graduates and their successful entrepreneurship journey. This book so far sold more than 500,000 copies a record for books published in India. “Holding this book in your hands will be like meeting each one of these amazing people in person” true words from the author. The Iconic people described in this book are

  • Sanjeev Bikhchandani –

  • Shantanu Prakash – Educomp

  • Vinayak Chatterjee – Feedback Ventures

  • Ashank Desai – Mastek (IT Company)

  • Subramanian.R – Subhiksha (Retail Chain)

  • Narendra Murkumbi – Shree Renuka Sugars

  • Chender Baljee – Royal Orchid Hotels

  • Madan Mohanka – Tega Industries

  • Sunil Handa – Eklavya Education Foundation

  • Vardan Kabra – Foundation School

  • Deep Kalra –

  • Rashesh Shah – Edelweiss Captial

  • Nirmal Jain – India Infoline

  • Vikram Talwar – EXL Service

  • Raghavendra Rao – Orchid Pharma

  • Jerry Rao – Mphasis

  • Shivraman Dugal – Institute for Clinical Research in India

  • Shankar Maruwada – Marketics

  • Ruby Ashraf – Precious Formals

  • Deepta Rangarajan – IRIS

  • Cyrus Driver – Calorie Care

  • Venkat Krishnan – GiveIndia

  • Anand Halve – chlorophyll

  • S B Dangayach – Sintex

  • Vijay Mahajan – Basix (Microfinance)

At the end of each story the author dedicated a page “Advice to young Entrepreneurs”, every word in those pages are a vital message for budding youngsters. I share few of those inspiring lines

Be early. You can make your mistakes while it is cheap to make them when there is no competition. Do not exaggerate in your business plan. Under commit and over deliver – Sanjeev Bikhchandani.

My only advice is, be true to your inner voice. If your inner voice says, my route is social entrepreneurship, do it. If your inner voice says, I want to be an author, journalist, write books, please do it! – Vinayak Chatterjee.

Don’t just think about it, don’t just wish for it, jump into it and do it, if you are really serious. Once you get into it, go all out, never look at quitting as an option. Remember that if the startup fails, it is your idea that failed, not you. – Sundar (Mastek).

Identify what kind of work you want to do. I love the hotel business – food, making menus, everything to do with the business. If you love the business you take up, you will definitely make a success of it. – Chender Baljee.

Don’t focus too much on exits (especially not too early in the game). Concentrate on building a solid business, the rest will take care of itself! – Deep Kalra

Entrepreneurship is risky. So you should have a mindset, should be prepared to fail. If you are not prepared to fail and can’t handle failure then this is not your cup of tea – Nirmal Jain

Choose a goal and focus on it. It can be in the area of product, service or knowledge. Longevity of the field is important. Combine reason and intuition. If there’s a tie, go with intuition. Think either big or niche. Doing what many others do won’t take you anywhere. Build teams. Believe in the dignity of labor. Be passionate and direct about your ambition. There is no dearth of capital to back right ideas and entrepreneurs. Aim to create lasting value. The country will remember you for that. – Raghavendra Rao

Bottom Line
“Food and Water are essential needs for the body but positive thoughts are nutrients for the Mind”. STAY HUNGRY STAY FOOLISH AND STAY POSITIVE.

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