Cloud Computing Free Online Course Introduction to Cloud


    Language: English

    Duration: 4 – 6 hours

    Course Staff: Mr. Rav Ahuja

    This course introduces you to the core concepts of cloud computing. You will gain the foundational knowledge required for understanding cloud computing from both business and practitioner perspectives.


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Udemy: Introduction to Cloud Computing

    Provider: LevelUPCloud

    Language: English

    Duration: 1 hour on-demand video

    Rating: 4.2/5

    Prerequisites: Basic Understanding of IT principles


    After this course you will gain the fundamental knowledge about cloud Computing and its application in various sectors.

A Cloud Guru: Introduction to Cloud Computing

    Provider: Cloud Guru

    Language: English

    Duration: 1 hour of video

    Skill level: Beginner

    This introduction to cloud computing for anyone seeking to learn the basics. It will take you through the origins of cloud computing, introduce key concepts and answer important questions like “how secure is the cloud?”. It will also guide you through the fundamentals of cloud computing, and explore the buzzwords to help demystify the cloud.

Udemy: AWS Concepts

    Provider: Linux Academy

    Language: English

    Duration: 1.5 hours on-demand video

    Rating: 4.5/5

    Prerequisites: Nil


    This cloud computing free online course is for the absolute beginner. This course will answer the following questions in in very simple terms.

    What is the cloud?

    What is AWS?

    What are AWS’s core services?

    Why do we use AWS?.

YouTube Channels: Cloud Computing

Magazines and Blogs on Cloud Computing

Magazines and blogs help us to update our knowledge on the latest trends buzzing around the tech industry. Few important blogs are listed below

1. cloud-computing

2. Dbta

3. CIO

4. Cloud Tech News

5. CloudTweaks

6. cloudwards

7. Amazon

8. IBM

9. Microsoft Azure

10. Vmware

11. Google cloud


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