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Campus Interview


Recruitment (hiring) is a core function of human resource management. Recruitment refers to the overall process of attracting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for jobs (either permanent or temporary) within an organization.

Campus placement

campus interview is the program conducted within educational institutes or in a common place to provide jobs to students pursuing or in the stage of completing the Graduation. In this process, industries visit the colleges to select students depending on their ability to work, capability, focus, and aim.

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is a social process, which involves interactions between two persons-the interviewer and the interviewee.

Off Campus

Any college students who keep eligibility which demanded by the company can participate in the placement drive organized by a common member at any place (Job fair) or Neighboring institution. The procedure for Off Campus is same as above discussed.

General Procedure of Campus Interview

1. Pre-Placement Talk :

It is generally, where the representatives of the company talk about its history, accomplishments, major services/products, etc. All the queries regarding job profile, location of placement, and other HR related stuff are addressed.

2. Aptitude Test :

Aptitude tests consist of basic problems in quantitative ability, logical reasoning, and verbal ability.

3. Group Discussion :

It is a process of incorporating views of different team members to reach a common goal

4. Technical Interview :

Tests your subject knowledge

5. Formal/HR interview :

Tests your Character [Honesty, Integrity, Your Future Vision,]

6. Post-Placement Talk :

Once the student is selected; he will be given an offer letter. Company’s executive may provide guidelines about joining procedure and other prerequisites if needed.


The above said six step process is a General Procedure only; it may vary from company to company. Some companies will not have GD. Some of them will not have aptitude (direct technical). So better have a good communication with placement department before attending any interview.

Off Campus:

Any college students who keep eligibility which demanded by the company can participate in the placement drive organized by a common member at any place (Job fair) or Neighboring institution. The procedure for Off Campus is same as above discussed.

Tips to Get Success in any interview


A Resume is a medium for advertising yourself, it’s the first means in which you use to present yourself as a job applicant and try to claim that you are the best choice candidate to a prospective employer. Your resume needs to shout – professionally, “I am the one you want on your team.”

“Spend considerable amount of time in developing a professional resume which reflects you, instead of just copying from others”

Resume building tips

Self- confidence

  • Many Students having good academics fail in the one-to-one interview because of low self-confidence.
  • It can be overcome by Understanding the concepts instead of just memorizing (Strong Fundamentals).
  • Having more practical knowledge in your Area of Interest rather than theoretical Participating in academic related competitions (Paper presentation, Design Contest, Project Expo).
  • Practice Mock Interview.

Why Group Discussion?

An individual working in an organization spends a considerable amount of time in groups. Meetings are nothing but interacting with a lot of individuals. Ability to work in a teams has become more important than knowledge of quantitative and statistical techniques.

Characters tested in a GD

  • Leadership quality
  • Flexibility
  • Reasoning ability & Inspiring Ability
  • Team player & Initiative
  • Listening & Awareness

Tips to Get Success in GD:

  • Be aware of the topics that are repeated (Surf in Net)
    Daily spend some time to acquire knowledge for Group discussion. (Reading Newspaper, Watching TV debates in News channels about controversial topics, subscribe to blogs)
  • Have a Mock GD with your friends
  • Practice several times in front of Mirror (Many great Actors follow this method to perform in front of the audience).

Sample Group Discussion topics from Google Search

Facts about GD

  • Time Duration – 15 to 20 minutes
  • Time for preparation – 4 to 5 minutes
  • Number of panel members – 2 to 4
  • Seating Arrangement – Circular or Semi-circle
  • Language – Only English


  • Unless you have in-depth knowledge about the topic do not initiate.
  • Never lose your temper.
  • Don’t Shout.
  • Don’t Interrupt. Wait for the speaker to finish.
  • Don’t use improper gestures (like pointing the finger, Making Discouraging head shake).
  • Don’t Just copy your friend’s resume.
  • Don’t use different font styles on a single page.
  • Don’t Include Obvious Skills (like I know Microsoft Word).
  • Too much content make bad impression for viewer.

Skills required excelling in a GD

  • Communication skills
  • Leadership and coordinating capabilities
  • Knowledge and ideas regarding a given subject
  • Exchange of thoughts


  • Have a an Audible tone (Not too loud or too low)
  • Take time to organize your thoughts
  • Motivate the other member of the team to speak
  • Always be polite ( It’s Discussion, not Argument)
  • Be Natural as yourself
  • Use Only one type of font in entire resume.
  • Make sure your resume is easy to read.
  • Focus on information that’s relevant to your own career goals.
  • Use contextual keywords and phrases, since bigger organization uses search engines to optimize required person.

Aptitude Test

An Aptitude Test is an exam to determine an individual’s IQ. Aptitude tests generally assess a person’s fluid intelligence or their ability to reason quickly and to think abstractly.

Verbal Ability

Includes spelling, grammar, and ability to understand analogies.

Abstract Reasoning

Measures your ability to identify the underlying logic of a pattern and then determine the solution.

Data Interpretation

Measure how quickly and accurately errors can be detected in data (usually Bar Graphs, Pie Charts, Line Graphs, and Tabulation are given and based on the data multiple choice questions are asked)

Numeric Ability

Includes basic arithmetic, number sequences, and simple mathematics.

Mechanical Reasoning

Designed to assess your knowledge of physical and mechanical principles.

Best books for prepration

Popular Job Portals/Websites/Goverment Jobs

Apart from Campus/Off Campus for a fresher Engineer to get an Interview call from a recruiter is through Job Portals. There is a lot of job-hunting websites available in India some, of them listed below.

  • #Freshersworld
  • #Naukri (http://www.naukri.com)
  • # Monster India (http://www.monsterindia.com/)
  • # Times Jobs (http://www.timesjobs.com/)
  • # Shine (shine.com)
  • # Career Jet (careerjet.com)
  • # Indeed India (indeed.co.in)
  • # CareerBuilder – India (http://www.careerbuilder.co.in/)
  • # ClickJobs (clickjobs.com)
  • # Placement India (placementindia.com)
  • # http://www.thesarkarinaukri.com/ – For government jobs
  • # http://www.naukrihub.com/ – popular in North India